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  • Tattoo Sun&Fun

    Tattoo Sun&Fun

Enjoy SUN and FUN cruise with the whole family! Excellent  entertainments  for all at very specaial prices!
Morning Cruise 9.30 - 13.30
Morning and afternoon cruise

This is a day time event targeted at families and mature guests, who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. The theme of this event is ‘Pirates’. We will create a never before seen atmosphere filled with animation and entertainment for the guests.
Guests are welcomed on board by our animation team and staff who are all in pirate dress as characters from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Every bus will have a big signboard with the name of the event. Thus any mistake will be avoided. Guests come on board from the passenger terminal at the harbour of Nessebar..
Each of them will receive a bandana and a stick on tattoo “Tattoo" and will be named with a pirate name.
Children on board will enjoy special attention provided by a face painter who paints them like different characters. And, throughout the day there will be various competitions with many prizes and they will also be taught how to read maps, so to find any hidden treasures, learn how to make knots and how to catch fish, etc.
  Again for the children we have organized a special guest magician, whose program will be in the context of the pirate theme.
Those guests who prefer the laid back atmosphere we provide the third deck available. Here they get a real comfort and relaxation.
While our animators entertain the guests, the slide and pool will become available under the watchful eyes of our 6 lifeguards, there is also a lifeboat constantly orbiting the boat and is ready to render assistance to anyone who needs it.
The slide and pool will be in use for 1 and a half hours.
11:30 – 12:30h lunch is served, which is buffet style and includes:

- Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes accompanied by a pate of Mediterranean hummus.
- Pasta salad with fresh tomatoes, tuna and light mayonnaise
- Grilled chicken fillet.
-Risotto with vegetables.
- Fresh baguettes
- Fruits: watermelon, bananas, apples, oranges.

For children we offer burgers.
During the event the guests are provided with beer, sangria, soft drinks from the post mix and mineral water from the cooling dispenser.
Beer and sangria are available after the stop for swimming.
During the lunch tables and chairs are arranged on first deck, the atmosphere is calm and the music is quiet.
Duration: 4 hours
Price:  65 lv.    
First child 2-12 years: 35 lv.  
2, 3, 4 .... child 2-12 years: 25 lv.
The price includes:

transfer to the port and back
lunch and some drinks

Tattoo party boat  has technically advanced equipment, and is governed by all the rules and requirements needed to operate. Security and safety of guests is our main priority while onboard as we run our outstanding events.
The capacity of the boat is 400, but we want to limit it to 350.

The first two decks are vast; here you will find 3 fully equipped bars, a DJ stand and dance floor. There are also a sufficient number of toilets for our capacity. The third deck offers the guests an area to relax and is fully furnished with sofa seating and sun- beds.
On the first and second deck there are altogether 4 LED TV sets broadcasting extreme water sports contests during the events.

An important element of "Tattoo" is the water slide, which is located in the rear of the boat. The slide is certified under the requirements of Bulgarian legislation; based on a specially ordered and manufactured inflatable floating pool the slide is now licensed for use.
"Tattoo Party Boat” is the only vessel which has received positive feedback from the relevant authorities, for tourists to swim in the sea during our events outside of the normal beaches.
The swimming pool is at a safe depth of 1.2 m-1.5m and is attached to the catamaran.
Further safety arrangements are made by the use of lifeguards who will monitor the number of guests using the pool so that it does not exceed the regulated 50 people.
"Tattoo boat" is a catamaran vessel, but we have installed an additional third body, thus making it very stable, so that hardly influenced by the sea.

‘Tattoo’ is equipped with a state of the art sound and lighting system which combined with illumination from our LED lighting around the edges of the boat ,ensures ‘Tattoo’ can be seen and heard from the shore, making it easy for boat to compete with any club in resort.

We have permission of "Sunny Beach" Ltd  to use the central bridge located in the centre of the resort.
We pay a special attention to the animation, which will be the leading component of our event conception.