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  • Todoroff Wine celler

    Todoroff Wine celler
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    Minkovi Brothers celler
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If you clicked on our Grand Wine Tour so probably you are a wine lover curious about the wine culture in Bulgaria.
Growing and wine production have a long history in Bulgaria and the country produces one of the best  Old world wines.
You are welcome to join us for a very pleasent week that introduces the traditions and the best result of the wine industy in the country. 

We've selected for you a tour that takes you to some of the best representatives of wineries from different wine-growing regions and includes 5 wine-tastings. The tour can be started any time of the year from any of the airport cities in Bulgara (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna nad Burgas) because of the fact that there are vineyards in all parts of Bulgaria except for the western  region.The country is devide into five  viticultural regions:

1. Northern Region- Danubian Plain region
This area produces red and white wine with typical sorts Merlot, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pamid and the local Gamza.
2. Eastern Region- Black Sea Coastral region where 30% of all vines are located. The region gives mainly white wine like  Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling,Traminer.
3. Southern Region- Thracian Lowland region
The region is best known for its red wines: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon,  Pamid and Mavrud (a famous local wine).
4. South-Western Region- Struma River Valley region
This small sized region has very different and characteristic climate as a result of which it prodices probably the most popular red wines of the country. The sort here are: Shiroka melnishka loza, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
5. Sub-Balkan Region- the Rose Valley region
This region is best known for wines like Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Red Misket.

Boiar winery represents the Eastern wine-growing region and is situted near by the town of Pomorie (Southern Black sea area). On this splendid and ancient Anhialo soil, now Pomorie, still continues an ancient tradition – the grape growing and production of high quality wines and rakia with which the area has been famous throughout its 25 century history.
During the year of 1922 one of the distinguished families in the business – Boychevi – begun the development of vineyards and established a small winery, which was nationalized in 1952. During 1998, the brothers Simeon and Dimitar Boychevi together with Argir Hristoforov, resumed the old family wine growing tradition by the development of 350 decares of vineyards situated in close proximity to their new winery Boiar. The winery is proud to be one of the leaders from the area and its label is most of all The Family collection:  AMARELLE (natural cherry liqueur), ANHIALO (aged Muscat Brandy), ARISTOCRAT (quality wine brandy).
Overnight in Nessebar.
Highlights near Boiar winary that can be part of your itinerary for the day:
  • Nessebar Old town- an UNESCO sight: charming cobbled streets, many old orthodox churches (some of them part of Byzantine heritage, some- from 10-14 c. AD), beautiful old-fashioned fishing port
  • The Thracian Tomb in Pomorie from 4 c. AD
  • The Monastery of St. George in Pomorie with its brandy distillery (free tasting of the local brandy rakia and home-made wine from the monastery)
  • Sunny beach- the most famous summer resort in Bulgaria- very atractive from late spring, summer until ealry autumn
  • little cosy mountain villages of the area where the telephone lines are still a rare luxury and the postman is not a frequent visitor
  • Burgas- the second largest city at the Bulgarian Black sea coast (if the weather allows a trip to the island of St. Anastasia can be organized)
Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar represents the Sub-Balkan wine-growing region and combined 135-year experience, beneficial soil, favourable climate and a passion for winemaking to produce wines with excellent quality and uniqueness.The grapes are picked by hand from more than 300 hectares of young vineyards in the vicinity of the villages of Devetak, Ognen and Terziysko. The exceptional terroir of this countryside makes an indispensable contribution to the unique character of their wines.
Minkov Brothers products are complex wines. Made by classic grape varieties, they ferment and mature in barrels. Their potential to mature in bottles makes them attractive to the wine-collectors.
Overninght in Plovdiv.
Highlights near Minov brothers winary that can be part of your itinerary for the day:
  • The natural park The Blue mountains: beautiful green area, lovely views and a trilling chair lift trip
  • The village of Zheravna- an open air museum atractive with its wooden houses
  • The town of Kotel famous because of its carteps and weaving art museum
  • The Thracian tomb in Kazanlak- an UNESCO sight
  • Rose distillery and rose plantation in the Valley of Roses near Kazanlak
Todoroff Wine and Spa has included four of the most popular wine cellars of the Thracian valley – TODOROFF Wine cellar (limited wine batches), Bessa Valley Wine cellar, Starossel Wine cellar and Zagreus Wine cellar (based mainly on the national Mavrud variety). Overnight in Plovdiv.
Highlights near  Todoroff Wine and Spa winary that can be part of your itinerary for the day: 
  • Plovdiv- one of the oldest setlements in Europe: picturesque Old town and sights from the Roman era
  • Asenovgrad- Asenova fortress
  • Bachkovo monastery- the second oldest monastery in the country
  • Sofia- the capital of the country and Boyana church- an UNESCO sight
Vimprom Lyaskovets is a representative of the Nothern wine-growing region and is one of the oldest and preferred places for carrying out wine testing for tourist groups and individual tourists. Many legendsand archeological findings unearthed in the vicinity of the town of Lyaskovets, among which is the recently found roman winepress, prove that wine-producing is one of the oldest crafts practiced by the people of Lyaskovets . In the distant 1863 they founded a society “Bee” and in the middle of XX century, fascinated by the magic of champagne, cava and prosecco, their followers were the first in Bulgaria who started the production of natural sparkling wines. Today Vimprom Lyaskovets is a leader in the category “sparkling wine”.
Here you will have the exceptional possibility to taste natural sparkling wines, sparkling herbal wines, sparkling must, desert wines, "Pelin" /wormwood wine/, dry white and red wines from various vintages, wines from the collection and the boutique wine and one of the best kinds of  Bulgarian Rakia. Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo.
Highlights near Lyaskovets winary that can be part of your itinerary for the day: 
  • The Old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo: little streets with any craft shops among Yantra river, Tsaretets hill with the ruins of the fortess
  • The old village of Arbanassi

VK-Vinprom Targovishte is a winery located in the North-East viticultural region of Bulgaria mainly consisting of hilly and semi-hilly terrains. The winemaking philosophy of the Targovishte Wine Cellar is to make world-class wine with distinctive fruit character using modern technologies yet preserving its distinguishing Bulgarian character. LVK-Vinprom Targovishte makes white and red wines of guaranteed appellation of origin, sparkling wines,  fortified wines and spirits. The hight-quality white wines are mainly made of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muskat Ottonel and Traminer and the high-quality red wines are made of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Overningt in Nessebar.
Highlights near VK-Vinprom Targovishte winary that can be part of your itinerary for the day: 
  • Madara horse-rider-The monument is listed in the UNESCO book of memorials of world significance
  • The summer residance of queen Mary in Balchik

  • Varna- the sea capital of Bulgaria

    Route (for a flight to Burgas): Nessebar- Plovdiv-Sofia- Kazanlak- Veliko Tarnovo- Varna- Nessebar