Grand Hotel Pomorie*****, Pomorie


Grand hotel Pomorie***** is situated between the shores of the Black sea and the Pomorie salt lake, and offers a unique combination of services, available from the hotel complex, medical, spa and wellness center, football stadium and the fitness hall.
The special attention, given to the smallest details, our well trained and kind personnel, the many restaurants, bars and places, where you can spend your free time, are just a few of the things, that will make you feel free, happy and living in harmony.
The hotel is located on the north-eastern part of the town of Pomorie, 15 minutes away from the Burgas International Airport and the biggest Black sea resort Sunny Beach. 
Grand hotel Pomorie offers its guests 70 one bed rooms, 80 rooms with two beds, 4 rooms for people with disabilities, 19 apartments and 2 presidential apartments, which will satisfy your expectation for high-class luxury and comfort. All accommodations are facing south-east, offering a beautiful view of the sea and the hotel park. The atmosphere contributes to the overall feeling of harmony and peace of your vacation.
Twin bed rooms and Double rooms  are furnished with two single beds or one double bed, and painted in soft colors. The comfort of our guests is complimented by the high quality materials of the linen and dynamic lighting. Our guests can enjoy: terrace with a sea view, interactive television, paid internet access, telephone, minibar, 24-hour room service, bathroom with a tub and shower enclosure, hair dryer, cosmetic mirror, complimentary coffee and tea set.
Family room - two rooms with interconnected door. The comfort of our guests is complimented by the high quality materials of the linen and dynamic lighting. The room offers a terrace with a sea view, interactive television, paid internet access, safe, telephone, minibar, 24-hour room service, bathroom with a tub and shower enclosure, hair dryer, cosmetic mirror, complimentary coffee and tea set.
Junior Suite apartments are characterized by a feeling of coziness and comfort. The hall and the bedroom are united in a stylish atmosphere, with dynamic lighting, offering our guests the ability to fully enjoy their stay. The apartment offers a bathroom with hydro-massage enclosures, steam shower enclosures, hair dryer, cosmetic mirror, terrace with a sea view, interactive television, paid internet access, telephone, minibar, 24-hour room service, complimentary coffee and tea set. 
Family suit- Comfort and style is what one feels upon entering Balneohotel Pomorie apartments. Two separate rooms, a hall and a bedroom, two toilets, a bathroom with hydro-massage and steam shower enclosure- all bring joy and pleasure to our guests, offering complete relaxation and a refuge from the everyday stress. Our guests can also enjoy: hair dryer, cosmetic mirror, terrace with a sea view, interactive television, paid internet access, telephone, minibar, 24-hour room service, complimentary coffee and tea set. The suite offers to our guests the option of connecting it with another sleeping room, which makes it convenient for accommodating families with children. 
Seagull apartment-  A higher-class apartment for guests, who prefer roomy accommodations and open space. The apartments are situated in the middle of the hotel building and offer a spacious terrace with a beautiful sea view, overlooking the swimming pools and the hotel park. The chic bathrooms in black marble and the hydro-massage tub for two are just a few of the Seagull apartments conveniences. A personal wardrobe, a separate hall room, a bedroom in elegantly combined soft colors, all contribute to the feeling of a home away from home.
Exotic apartments-  Exotic leathers, natural materials, high quality textile all at the disposition of our guests, who value first class "Exotic" luxury. The furnishing here is a synonym of lavishness. "Exotic" and "Classic" are positioned on a separate hotel floor. On an area of 200 square meters, our guests are surrounded by black interior, with silver glitter, African wood floor, Indonesian accessories and hand made art. Exquisite chandeliers, covered in gold dust and designer fireplace compliment the Exotic style the apartment is a symbol of prestige and success.
Classic apartment- Authentic royal comfort! Decorative plastering, combined with wall-papers with golden stripes, and custom design hand woven carpets. Lavishly ornamented furniture, antique mirrors and a game table, all contribute to the atmosphere of classical mysticism and Classic stateliness.
               SPA and Balneology
The complex combined the ancient traditions of mud treatment, in the town of Pomorie, with modern age medical and technological achievements, helping us establish a modern spa and wellness center.
Mud and Lye treatment  Pomorie salt lake was formed as a result of an earthquake with catastrophic proportions, about eight thousand years B.C. The lime mud, which is formed there for many centuries now, is used for treatment of over 45 different medical conditions, related to the skeletal and muscular systems, the nervous system and the reproductive system, mainly due to the higher percentages of hydrogen, manganese, chlorine, calcium, sodium and sulfates in the mud. The mud therapies offered in Grand hotel Pomorie possess strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, at the same time improving the metabolism. The lime is suitable for treating knee pains, coxofemoral joints, as well as back and spinal pains. One of the unique properties of the Pomorie salt lake mud is the positive effect it has on the reproductive system of the human organism, especially in the treatment of sterility. Gynecological mud application is suitable for the treatment of the female reproductive system, especially parametritis and sterility.
The mud treatment center offers 18 individual compartments for mud procedures and two VIP rooms, equipped with tubs, capable of picking up the patient while he is in an upright position, and amplifying the effects of the mud treatment by wave-like movements, reminiscent of the sea waves. The mud is delivered to the center directly from the Pomorie salt lake, using a specially designed system for transferring mud.
The center offers a lift for patients, which allows for problem free application of mud procedures for people with disabilities. 
Lye therapy  Compresses with lye, paraffin and fangoparaffin possess a distinctive anti-inflammatory, pain relieving effect, especially in the back area, the knees, the shoulder joints and the hands. In order to successfully apply those treatments, Grand hotel Pomorie is equipped with the latest in the world of technology.
Spa and wellness   The Spa and Wellness center of the Grand hotel Pomorie complex is the small jewel, which will revitalize your body. You will be able to release the toxins, to refresh and hydrate your skin, as well as to improve your blood circulation and metabolism. Our guests can enjoy:   Finnish sauna, Russian sauna, ice room, Turkish bath, steam room,  "razsul" therapy (a combination between mud application, solarium and a steam room), Kneipp walk (walking, while alternating cold and hot water for your feet) 
Swimming pools  Grand hotel Pomorie offers five swimming pools, which allow our guest to flirt with the water all year round and enjoy its medicinal properties.The hotel park has three open swimming pools, one of which is heated during the winter season and is connected with a 16 person Jacuzzi and a pool for kids, located inside the hotel.
The covered salt water swimming pool, using water from a Pomorie spring, is unique for the country. The water springs from over 70 meters beneath the surface, which guarantees a high level of purity. Its several times saltier than sea water, and possesses strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. The water improves the body metabolism. Its appropriate for treating knee pains, coxofemoral joints, back and spinal pains. 
Salt swimming pool    Grand hotel Pomorie offers to its guests the unique salt swimming pool with salt water from the Pomorie spring. The water comes from 70 meters under the surface and is 7 times saltier than the Black sea. The salt water has a strong curative effect on the human body. The usage of the pool has an extraordinary favorable effect on joint diseases and the rehabilitation of the muscles. 
Physiotherapy   The center for physiotherapy is located on the second floor of Grand hotel Pomorie. There are several rooms, equipped to offer low, high and ultrahigh frequency current tr eatments, which offer anti-inflammatory and pain relieving procedures, suitable for treating joint pains, otitis, sinusitis, tooth pains, stimulation of damaged muscular tissues and others. 
Hydrotherapy   The hydrotherapy center is spread across several rooms, located on the second level of the hotel complex. Our guests can enjoy hydro-massage tubs with underwater massage, carried out by our medical team, as well as the Tub of life, a unique equipment, which combines water massage, aroma and color therapy. The sound background, chosen by the manufacturers, transcends you in a place of peace and relaxation, somewhere where you can enjoy the harmonic solitude of your soul and body. 
Kinesitherapy   Take a part in the group activities or talk with one of our kinesitherapists to create an individual program for medicinal gymnastics, analytical gymnastics and specialized medicinal gymnastics with mechanotherapy, for the treatment of diseases of the skeletal and muscular systems, such as coxarthrosis, discopathy, disc hernia and others. 
Massages   Relax, close your eyes and allow our specialists to take you into a world of pleasure, with 2, 4 and 6 hand massages, which will diminish the strain in your muscles, remove the pain and make you feel good again. The products used are ether oils, which will restore the balance of your body, improve the condition of your skin, and tone and relax you.
With the specialized equipment for mechanical massage we can treat different fat accumulations, at the same time stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation. The tendon tissue is restored. The skin becomes smooth and soft. The pores become smaller. The procedure is painless and doesnt cause the formation of hematoma. The procedure is suitable for treating cellulite, floppy skin, swollen legs, lymphedema, localized fat accumulations, and scar removal.The specialists in the hotel will offer you diverse specialized and eastern massages, such as:
 Anhialo pilling massage,  Ajurveda massage, Shirodara massage,
 Hostone (geothermic) massage 
Cosmetics   The skin has memories! It endures the effects of the everyday stress and the negative effects of the sun rays, as well as the hormonal disbalance of the human body. Our specialists will put you under a series of procedures and will prepare an individual program, which will revitalize your skin and bring back the feeling of natural beauty and freshness.
Laser and puva therapy    Laser therapy is used where an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect is required, by using a laser beam for treatment. Its suitable for treating inflammatory conditions of joints, muscles and tendons.
Puva therapy offers sector "A" ultraviolet light exposure, which has an extremely favorable effect over skin regeneration. Its mainly used for treating psoriasis. 
Magnetotherapy  has an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect in treating conditions of the skeletal and muscular systems, post-fractural conditions and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. 
Transcomtherapy /hydrocolontherapy/ is a newly developed and extremely useful procedure for hydrotherapy of the colon, using water and water based solutions, using high-tech equipment. The aim of this therapy is to separate persistent and old accumulations on the colons surface, caused by modern processed food consumption.
By undergoing this therapy, you will overcome the feeling of tiredness, depression, the lack of concentration, nervous conditions, aggression, migraine and skin inflammations. The therapy is extremely favorable for people with prostatic gland disorders, ovitis, intestine disorders, gas, liver diseases, kidney diseases, dry skin, eczemas, allergies, as well as a preventive measure against cancer of the colon. 
Restaurants and free time in the complex:
The complex offers: main restaurant, restaurat Capitolia, Barbecue, Lobby bar, Sky bar, Fresh bar, Pool bar, Beach bar, Sport bar, Billiard, Minigolf, Kindergarten. There is as well a football stadium, multipurpose sports hall and halls for fitness and aerobics.