SPA Hotel Hissar****, Hisaria

  • Delux double room

    Delux double room
  • Delux president apartment

    Delux president apartment
  • Delux apartment

    Delux apartment
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    doible standard room
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    apartment standard
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    studio standard

SPA Hotel Hissar**** is №1 in SPA treatment for 2009.
The hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful parks in the town of Hissar, which is surrounded by hot springs with mineral water.
The Spa center is a separate three-storey building with total area of approximately 2000sq.m associated with the hotel via walkway.
The Spa center is equipped with the most contemporary modules for relaxation, entertainment, prophylaxis and treatment. All devices use the healing power of the Hissar mineral water, and the procedures are conducted under the cares of high qualified medical staff. Besides classic massages, the Spa center offers to the guests a huge variety of massages and body treatments.

The hotel disposes 166 rooms, which are situated in standard or in deluxe part.
The standard part has 3 single rooms, 72 twin rooms, 8 bedrooms, 18 studios, 3 apartments with one bedroom and 2 double rooms for disabled people. For your comfort all rooms have tub bathrooms /except for the rooms for disabled people/, hair-dryer, central air conditioning, Mini bar, cable TV, telephone and wireless internet connection.At your disposal are also parking, playground, safety deposit box at reception, outdoor swimming pool, relax center (sauna, steam bath and hot mineral water pool), fitness. There are also: laundry, ironing clothes and room service.
 The deluxe part has 17 twin rooms, 38 bedrooms, 3 apartments with one bedroom, 1 junior suite and 1 executive suite.
All rooms have a bathroom - with bath or shower, hair dryer, central air conditioning, mini bar, LCD television with cable TV, sound in the room and bathroom, internet access and a balcony overlooking the hotel's outdoor pool. At your disposal are also parking, playground, safety deposit box at reception, outdoor swimming pool, WELLNESS CENTRE (ice room, Roman bath, Turkish bath, hamam, adventure shower, swimming pool with hot mineral water, infrared sauna, cold shower, "Kneipp" walk, heated stone benches, relaxing zone) and fitness.There are also: laundry, ironing clothes and room service.
The restaurants in the hotel: “Prestige”, “Panorama”, Lobby bar
Bar “Bistro”, Pool bar, Night club
Additional services:
• Laundry  • Transport to and from airport upon request
• Playground  • Shops for jewelry, clothes, cosmetics
• Hairstylist and manicurist
   SPA centre

Spa programs
"Time Reversing" – A 7-day program for aging skin and menopause symptoms. It includes anti-cellulite complex in combination with cosmetic procedures for silky soft and smooth skin.
"Antistress Bioprogram"- A 3-day program for balance, harmony, regeneration and detoxication. Relieves stress and tension, improves all sensory perceptions
"Harmony is my life" – 3 days of bioenergy and anti-cellulite procedures. A unique anti-cellulite program that removes fatigue, restores the bioenergy balance and stimulates the immune system.
"Beauty § Vitality" – This 4-day program turns the skin of the body into a satin temptation. It stimulates the regeneration, revitalizes and protects the body's cells.
"Week of relax" – A 7-day program for a full relax of body and spirit. It restores the body’s vital energy.
Treatment programs
•    Program for treatment and prevention of diseases of the excretory system / renal disease, chronic inflammatory diseases of the excretory system, prostates/- 7-10 days
•    Program for treatment and prevention of diseases of digestive system / chronic gastritis,  gastroduodenitis, chronic inflammation of the colon, chronic hepatitis, biliary stone disease, chronic pancreatitis /- 7 -10 days
•    Program for treatment and prevention of diseases of the Musculoskeletal system /arthritis, arthrosis/- 10-14 days
•    Program for treatment and prevention of diseases of the peripheral nervous system / neuritis, neuralgia/- 7-10 days
All procedures shall be appointed after a preliminary medical examinatoin.They are strictly individual for each patient and appropriate with the patients’ diseases!
Relax Center  In this part of the complex there is a sauna, steam bath and swimming pool with hot mineral water.
Wellness centre  Spa hotel “Hissar” offers and “Wellness centre” with steam bath, Hamam, ice room, Kneipp walk, infrared sauna, hot mineral pool, adventurous showers, heated couches and relaxing zone.
This jewel of the complex affects the body as clean pores, activates microcirculation and toxins, the skin becomes clean, soft and gentle, stimulating the immune system, removes tension and stress, make sense of peace and bliss.
Medical services    Medical examination    Medical consultation
Intravenous and intramuscular manipulation
Medicine bank infusion   Treatment and wound bandage
Elecrocardiogram   Abdominal echograhy
Electric treatment    Light treatment   Ultrasound therapy
Laser-puncture seance
Mud treatment      Paraffin wax treatment
Individual medecal gymnastics    Group medical gymnastics
Blood sugar testing    Blood sugar profile
Lymphatic drainage of upper limbs
Lymphatic drainage of lumbar area
Lumphatic drainage of lower limbs
Pearl bath with mineral water
Whirl bath with mineral water      Fountain of life
Mineral bath with essential oils   Mineral bath with sea products
Mineral bath with effervescent bombs for thalassotherapy
Mineral bath with effervescent bombs for aromatherapy
Mineral bath with effervescent bombs with an аnti-cellulite effect
Underwater shower massage /tangentor/    Solarium
Massages      Partial classic massage      Full classic massage
Anti-cellulite massage            Massage chair
Medical massage with natural honey
Massage with volcanic rocks     Four hands massage
Body Therapies   Firming anti-cellulite thalassotherapy for HER
Energizing thalassotherapy for HIM
Moroccan Gold Rejuvenating body therapy with argan “Marocan gold”
Regeneration and mineralization of dry skin
Regeneration and mineralization of normal skin
Regeneration and mineralization of oily skin
Relax with bamboo massage Bamboo Dream
Wine-thermal therapy for regeneration and tonus
Cleopatra goat milk body therapy
Rice Delight Wellness therapy
Queen Rossae Essential rose oil body Wellness therapy
Anti-stress body therapy
Сhocolate Delight SPA therapy
Honey Temptation SPA therapy
Citrus Freshness Body therapy
Mediterranean Feel Body therapy
Regenerating Body therapy with DHA
Detoxifying Body therapy with Goji Berry
Nurturihg and revitalizing Body therapy with Q 10
Ayurveda Therapy
“SHIROBIANKA” face massage
“PINDASUEDA” deep organism cleaning massage therapy
“SHIRODHARA” massage therapy
Massage aroma-therapy – deporative complex
Cosmetics – Body Care      Body remodeling
Non-surgical liposculpture
Muscular toning and stimulation
Bosom and bottom modeling
Cosmetics Face Care with Rosa Impex Cosmetics
Sensitive skin therapy “Matt Control”
Anti-Wrinkle therapy “Bottox Effect” – for dry skin
Anti-Wrinkle therapy “Bottox Effect” – for normal and mixed skin
Anti-Wrinkle therapy “Bottox Effect” – for men
Face massage with chocolate      Face massage with honey
Oxygen face mezotherapy
Rejuvenating therapy “Bulgarian Rose”
Rejuvenating therapy “Maroccan gold”
Special treatment for oily and problem skin
“Regal”- special eye care
Satin face treatment “Rose and pearls”
Renovation therapy “Hilauron lift”
Nourishing facial treatment “Cleopatra”
Intensive restoration therapy with immediate flash with the youth hormone DHE age
“BOTU VIP” anti-wrinkles therapy with the effect of snake poison
Renovating face therapy NOVACID
Sensitive skin therapy with fresh caviar – FRESH CAVIAR
Mezo rejuvenating vitamin therapy
Hormonoregulating therapy “Feminity”
Eye - round contour therapy

Sport and entertainment
Bowling centre     Tennis court     Outdoor swimming pool
Indoor swimming pool   Mini football field
Fitness     Billiard    Table tennis
Paintball      Fish SPA
Skiing and guided trekking opportunities
fishing and hunting