Pomorie- The Thracian Tomb


The Thracians were an ancient  tribes inhabiting large territories of Central, Southern and Eastern Bulgaria. They believed that live continues after death and that's why they buried their leaders in tombs gethering into the tomb the favourite belongings of the leader.

One of these mesterious tombs is situated at Pomorie and is open for visitior. Are you fancy to have a look?
The tomb is known as the hollow hill and presents a corridor, burial chamber and ancillary facilities. Built according to the Roman building techniques, it is assumed that it belonged to a wealthy family and was used as a mausoleum and later on as a temple for providing Thracian religious rituals.
Info Thracian Tomb at Pomorie
Distance from Nessebar port: 20 km
Distance from Burgas port: 20 km
Duration of the visit: about 20 min.