The Wineries at Pomorie


If you are cusious to taste the best local wines at a visit to a winery, you are in the right place! Some of the most delicious white wines and brandies come exactly from the Southern Black sea coast region. Don't miss that chance!

There are many botique wineries in the area that are proud of good wines with excellent quality. We've selected the most popular places at Pomorie for a really nice wine tasting secion of Bulgarian white and red wines and spirits: 2 red and 2 white wines and brandy distiled by the French technoloy and some snack with it.
The wines will be introduced by proffesional technologists working in the winery and you will have the chance to have a look in the winery to see the proces of winification.
Info Winery at Pomorie
Distance form Nessebar: 25 km
Distance from Burgas: 20 km
Duration of the visit: 1.30 hour