The Honey Museum


The Honey Museum near Nessebar is the only of its kind in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. Founded by the local beekeeper Kiril Kirov (Beekeeper of the year 1999) and situated in his backyard the museums presents all the steps in production of honey. For the owner of the museum the honey is the best food that the mankind knows: it's a natural product, gives lots of energy and can cure all diseases. All the exhibits in the museum are functional so that you can see the whole  process of development.

The exhebition is devided into 2 parts. The first part shows some  antique equipments and tools  used in the past for honey production. Bees do not sleep, but they can be found resting in empty cells and there are different types of hives as well.  Some of the most interesting once are bee houses  made in the hollow of a tree and hand-knitted hives made as a basket of tree  branches.
Among the old types there is also an exposition of various types of modern hives. The most impressive one of the them is made of glass, where you can observe the life processes in a bee family. There are hives in the museum that can be recognized as real masterpieces of art. They present miniatures of some of  the churches in Nessebar.
After the educational part of our visit it's time for the honey tasting. MMMM, it is amasing how tasty the honey can be now especailly when you are already familiar with bee keeping and honey extracting ways!
Info Honey Museum
Distance from Nessebar port: 10 km
Distance from Burgas port: 40 km
Duration of the visit: about 1 hour