The Villages and The Countryside (Meet Bulgaria trip)


Visit a Bulgarian mountain village where the manners of life are kept naturally the same as before a century, feel the spirit of the traditions and see the real shine of Bulgaria.

We make a short brake for visiting a nowadays house in Giliovca village, where you can see the vegetable garden and the small holding and talk with the hosts.
On the way to the village of Erketch enjoy the beautiful scenery, the pasture grounds and the lavender massif. Picturesquely situated at an altitude of 530 m this village will grab you with its unique charm. Here nature, traditionsand everyday life coexist together.
Visit one of the houses in the village with an old manufactory for lemonade and an ethnographic exhibition with authentic traditional clothes and costumes.
Taste our traditional “banitsa” (cheesy pastry) and home made yogurt!