Sozopol The Archaeological Museum


Amazing antique ceramics, water flow systems from centuries ago, vampire skeleton! Really? Yes, all this you can see in Archaeological museum in Sozopol.

In Archaeological museum in Sozopol are exhibited many Greek, Late Roman, Byzantine objects- vases, tablecloths and terracotta statuettes and aslo some Christian art from the 17th to the 19th c. The museum has the largest collection in Bulgaria of painted antique ceramics from the end of the VI-II c. BC. The largest collection of Ionic ceramics and plastic arts.
But the highlight is the vampire skeleton with an iron stake driven through its chest. Its grave was discovered in Sozopol by the archaeologist known as "Bulgaria's Indiana Jones".
"We have no doubts that once again we're seeing an anti-vampire ritual being carried out," said Professor Ovcharov in a Telegraph report. He explained that the metal was driven through the corpse to stop a "bad" person from rising from the dead and terrorising the living. The reconstructed face of the "vampire from Sozopol"  is aslo in the museum.
Info Sozopol Archaeological Museum
Distance form Nessebar port: 70 km
Distance from Burgas port: 35 kim
Duration of the visit: 30 min