Thracian Sanctuary Beglik Tash


Beglik Tash is a Thracian rock sanctuary and presents a strange agglomeration of huge stones of volcanic origin with very various forms. If you are nature and history lovers you won't regret the visit there!

The sancturity is hidden in a forest and a nice path is taking us there (about 30 min. walking).
It has been used by the Thracian for religious ceremonies and rituals. That is why most of the megaliths have traces of carvings.  
Using your imagination you will find the stone throne- where priest was led the ceremonies, the stone astronomical clock, the stone marital bed or stone heart and others.
There is also a stone labyrinth that visitors can pass through.
Info Beglik Tash
Distance from Nessebar port: 90 km
Distance from Burgas port: 55 km
Duration of the visit: 40 min.