St. Stefan's and St. Spass Churches in Nessebar

The most beautiful churches in Nessebar are open as museums and can have a look inside! Both of the churches are interesting most of all because of its unique frescos.
Built in the period 11th c.- 13th c., enlarged in 16th c. and completed in 18th c. St. Stefan's church is aslo known as the New Bishopric church. Because of its architectural style, iconostasis and remarquable mural paintings, St. Stefan's church is even one of the most important monuments of Bulgarian cultural heritage. There are 258 mural paintings and more than 1000 figures. Scenes from the Miracles of Christ, according to the Gospel legends are given in all range.
Hidden in the labyrinth of cobbled streets the modest aperaince of St. Spass church  (17th c.) will not impress you a lot but just wait until you enter and see the see the paintings on the walls.
Info St. Stefan's and St. Spass Churches
Distance from Nessebar port: 150 m
Distance from Burgas port: 35 km
Duration of the visit: 30 min. for both of them

St. Stefan
St. Spass church
St. Spass church
St. Spass church