Ancient Anatolian Civilizations

  • Hattusa, Lion Gate

    Hattusa, Lion Gate
  • Cordion Palace

    Cordion Palace
  • Hattusa, Sphinx Gate

    Hattusa, Sphinx Gate
  • Midas City

    Midas City
  • Midas City

    Midas City
  • Midas City

    Midas City
  • Aslan Tash

    Aslan Tash
  • Midas City

    Midas City
  • Yazilikaya

  • Aslankaya

  • Çatalhöyük

  • Çatalhöyük

  • Çatalhöyük, Magna Mater

    Çatalhöyük, Magna Mater
  • Gizemli Kaya, nearby Çorum

    Gizemli Kaya, nearby Çorum
  • Istanbul, Archaeological Museum

    Istanbul, Archaeological Museum

Phrygia – Çatalhöyük– Hattusa
Expedition trip to the lands of Phrygians and Hittites in modern Anatolia, Turkey.  This is an excursion for connoisseurs of ancient culture and art extending from the Neolithic age to the Classical age. The places of visit and observation are far from the established tourist’s routes and demand a special interest and preparation.
19.10.2019, from Burgas, 8 days.
You can join us in Istanbul.
From 450 Euro

After the legendary Troy was founded around 3 000 B.C. the Hittites settled in Anatolia around 2 000 B.C. and established the first governmental structure, which lasted more than 1 400 years. From those times till the present day survived valuable artifacts (The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara) and ruins of impressive megalithic tombs, sanctuaries and castles – Hattusa, Aladzha Kaya etc. Phrygians (750-300 г. B.C.) are Thracian tribe who moved from the Balkan Peninsula and then settled in the triangle-shaped area between Afyon, Ankara and Eskişehir, proclaiming Gordion by Sakarya river as their capital. In the Valley of Phrygia – between Eskişehir and Afyon - remains of the mythical city of King Midas are preserved, also the tomb of king Gordias and many others which we will try to reach. 
The lost civilization of Çatalhöyük. A great ancient city is hidden behind this name, dated back to Neolithic and Chalcolithic age and located in the southern part of Anatolia within the territory of modern day Turkey. Its existence dates back to the period of 7500-5700 B.C. It is the biggest and most well-preserved Neolithic city discovered until now. In spite of its exceptional old age, this civilization left behind well preserved examples of its own art, culture and traditions. It is assumed that the city’s population reached 10 000 people in the peak moments of its thousand years of existence. What happened and why the city was abandoned – nobody knows. 


1st day, 19 October, Saturday
5 a.m. Departure from Burgas. Arrival in Istanbul around noon, short break. (Tourists who land in Istanbul, join the group.) Overnight stay in the town of Eskişehir (1). 
2d day, 20 October, Sunday
The Phrygian Valley
Yazılıkaya – the city of Midas, Aslankaya. Visiting (if possible) Aslantaş and Yilantash. Overnight stay nearby Afyon (2).
3d day , 21 October, Monday
Departure to Konya. Sightseeing at Çatalhöyük. Overnight stay in Konya (3).
4th day, 22 October, Tuesday
Gordion – the capital of Phrygian kingdom
Konya – Polatli – Gordion – Ankara.  Overnight stay in Ankara (4).
5th day, 23 October, Wednesday
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara.
The kingdom of Hittites – Hattusa

Ankara - Boğazkale – Hattusa.  Overnight stay in Boğazkale (5).
6th day, 24 October, Thursday
The kingdom of Hittites
Yazılıkaya – Alacahöyük.  Overnight stay in Çorum (6).
7th day, 25 October, Friday
Departure to Istanbul. If time allows, a stop at the site of Gizemli Kaya, nearby Çorum. Overnight stay in Istanbul (7).
8th day, 26 October, Saturday
Archeological Museum, on request
Free time
Istanbul – Burgas
Arrival in Burgas around 21:00

450 Euro per person in double room
560 Euro per person in single room

The price includes:
7 BB in 4 star hotels
7 dinners
Transport by AC bus
All road and border fees
English speaking tour guide/assistant

The price does not include:
Air fare to Burgas or Istanbul
Visa fees, if needed
Personal insurance
Tips for the driver and the guide (recommended tip: 2 Euro per day for each one)
Museums entrance fees
Personal expenses
Sum total for entrance fees: 15 euro. The money is collected in advance at the time of departure.

Reservations are accepted on the phone or on the Tour operator’s email:
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A reservation is confirmed only after payment of deposit. The amount of advance payment should be no less than 30% per person (200 Euro).
The balance:  either70% or corresponding unpaid percentage, depending on the payment made, should be paid minimum 30 (thirty) days before the departure date.
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